Lose Weight Without a Diet

Losing weight is not as complicated as it is often made out to be. It works whenever you are in a calorie deficit. This means that you use up more calories throughout the day than you take in from food and liquid .

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Losing weight without dieting means you don't have to forbid yourself anything and don't follow a strict nutrition plan. Instead, you can achieve a calorie deficit in two different ways:

  • You absorb less energy from food than your body burns
  • You increase your daily calorie consumption until it exceeds your calorie intake


1. Sports and training

With sports and training you increase your calorie consumption per day. For example, a 75 kg, 1.75 m tall, 30-year-old man will burn about 660 calories in an hour of jogging at a pace of 6 minutes per kilometer. That's almost as much as a doner kebab. Depending on your age, height, weight and gender, your calorie consumption can also vary.

If you then also increase the speed, your calorie consumption will continue to increase. If the same person runs at a speed of 5 minutes per kilometer, he already burns 808 calories in one hour

Another advantage : You strengthen your muscles through sports and training. Stronger muscles ensure that you consume more calories overall in your everyday life .

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2. Bring more movement into your everyday life

You can also increase your calorie consumption without sports and training by simply bringing more exercise into your everyday life. Bike to work or to the supermarket. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and just go for a little walk during your lunch break . This way you activate your circulation and burn more calories at the same time.

3. Drink enough water

We always emphasize that you should drink enough water. Not only because it is important for your health and most bodily functions , but also because it helps you lose weight . A 2007 study found that you burn about 24% more calories per hour after drinking 500ml of water.

4. Take care of your relaxation regularly

Stress isn't inherently bad. Because it activates your body and mind and can help you achieve top performance. It only becomes unhealthy if you are constantly under stress and never take care of your relaxation. This can even lead to your hormone balance being thrown off balance and fat accumulating faster.

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5. Give your muscles a rest

Are you highly motivated and would you like to train every day to burn as many calories as possible? That's great, but once in a while you should give your muscles a break. Because even if it looks as if your muscles have just grown due to the increased blood flow during training, this is not yet the case.

The real growth only begins in the recovery phase and is called supercompensation . You can find out exactly how super compensation works here.

6. Eat only when you are hungry

Learn to listen to your body. Only eat when you're really hungry and not because you're bored, angry, sad, or because you want to reward yourself. It is also important to know the difference between appetite , hunger and thirst . If you think you are hungry, first of all drink a glass of water and see if your feeling of hunger changes.

7. Eat mindfully

Do you like to watch TV while eating , play with your smartphone or listen to music ? So eating becomes secondary . This distraction can cause you to miss your real hunger and fullness signals. As you keep eating, you increase the likelihood of overeating.

8. Grab the small plate

Many people swear that they eat less overall from small plates than from large ones because the portions get smaller overall. Try it out for yourself.

9. Don't have candy at home

We don't want to forbid you anything . You're welcome to treat yourself to something every now and then. But to avoid temptation at home, the easiest way to avoid storing highly processed and high-calorie foods in your kitchen cupboard is to avoid them in the first place. Loaded with sugar, sweets don't make you feel full in the long run, but make you feel like you need to eat more and more. In this context, there is often talk of emerging “eating attacks”.

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